PUBG: Dissatisfaction with New State game players, promising a quick fix

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After a long wait, PUBG’s new Battle Royale game PUBG: New State was launched on November 11 in 200 countries around the world, including India. However, before launch, the new version of Pubji had a technical problem with the server, which delayed its release by a few hours. However, even after its debut, the game failed to take the gamers a pleasant gaming experience. Many users expressed dissatisfaction with the game. In fact, right after the launch of PUBG: New State, some Android users have claimed on social media that the game is making their devices virtually useless. This is especially true for devices running the Android 12 operating system.

PUBG: Complaint that phone is useless after installing New State

Like other Android users, popular tipster Mukul Sharma tweeted that there was a breaking problem on the phone after installing Pubji. Sharma tweeted that his Android 12-powered Oppo Find X2 Pro phone was not booting after downloading Pubji New State. Instead, the issue of hard bricks came to the fore. Although later he was able to fix the phone. According to him, such problems are increasing when users of the game sign in as guests or use social accounts to sign in. Tipster added that the volume of his device, none of the power buttons were working and for a few minutes it entered the boot loop.

PUBG: Attempts are being made to resolve the technical issues of the New State game

However, the game maker Crafton took the initiative to solve the technical problems of their game earlier this week. Some new updates were brought to the game. However, the new version of Pubji has not been released yet. However, the company has apologized to gamers. They are determined to give gamers a pleasant gaming experience by solving all the problems of the game very quickly.
“We’re trying to fix the game as quickly as possible,” said the developer team at Pubji New State on Twitter. However, the company has not yet said what kind of problems are occurring in the game. But they say they are trying to solve the game’s technical problems in different steps. However, the company did not give a clear idea whether the updates that will be brought to the game to solve the technical problems are only for Android.

PUBG: The New State Age Verification feature hasn’t changed yet

Not just technical issues. There are also complaints about the game’s features, most notably the Edge Verification feature. A prompt appears on the screen before the game starts to verify the age of the gamers. There is the age of the gamers. If the gamer is 18 years of age or older, then you have to agree by pressing the ‘Yes’ button. However, according to experts, underage gamers can easily play this game by avoiding this age verification feature. Because there is no need to submit any evidence to verify the age.

Despite all this, more than a million people have already installed this new version of Pubji on their phones or laptops in less than a week. But after installing it, due to various problems, the rating of the game in the Google Play Store may gradually decrease. Just three days after its launch, its rating was 3.8. However, this time the game has raised its rating to four. The company has repeatedly apologized to gamers for various problems with the game. But so far the company has not been able to solve the problems.