Oppo Electric Car: Oppo’s electric car in India in two years

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But is the rumor true? Yes. Oppo could bring electric cars to India by the end of 2023 or early 2024. They have already started that work. But not only Oppo 6 Realme and OnePlus, students of BBK Electronics, the parent company of the company, are also planning to launch electric vehicles in the country.

By the way, the discussion about Realm and OnePlus cars is not new. RealMe has registered a new brand name (Realme Techlife) for electric vehicles in India, just as OnePlus has registered a new brand name (OnePlus Life) for launching products like driverless cars, self-balancing scooters, electric unicycles here.

Meanwhile, there was news that Oppo has been trying to make cards for a long time. The news of the registration of an electric vehicle called ‘OCAR’ last June added a new dimension to the speculation. The main reason for this was the connection of Oppo with OCAR (O-Oppo, Car).

Now, citing sources, 91Mobiles claims that BBK Electronics-owned Oppo, Realm, and OnePlus are planning to launch electric vehicles in India. First of all, Oppo’s car may make its debut at the end of 2023 or in the first half of 2024. Therefore, the deadline has been set 6 Despite the rumors, it was unknown at this time what he would do after leaving the post. However, neither BBK nor the smartphone brands have confirmed the news. Maybe it’s an attempt to keep everything a secret

It is to be noted that the Center is not making any mistake in trying to increase and promote the use of electric vehicles in India. The amount of subsidy (Fame-II) has been increased to encourage users to buy such cars. The shortage of charging stations in the country is a big obstacle in the way of buying electric cars.

Attempts are being made to overcome that obstacle by constructing electric car charging stations on public and private initiatives. Above all, if the central government’s plan works properly, India will be one of the major centers for making electric vehicles in the world.

Incidentally, analysts fear that the way the feature phone market was dominated by smartphones. In the distant future, any other high-tech device will replace the smartphone in the same way Smartphones must exist. But evolution will happen. And in the midst of this evolution, big names may be lost from the market. As a result, many well-known smartphone makers, including Apple and Xiaomi, are betting on electric cars in anticipation of the future.

They are also finding the characteristic features of smartphones with this type of car. Smart software for battery, semiconductor, and brain management. Much like the way mobile phones work. And this is why Oppo, Realty, Xiaomi, OnePlus Apple, all are busy dreaming of becoming a poster boy in the electric car market in the future, leaving behind the current auto giants.