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The most popular means of exchanging money is bKash apps You can get many benefits by downloading bKash apps There are many differences between bKash account and bKash apps in money transactions You can save a lot of money by downloading bKash apps In this post you will find information about downloading Bkash apps and how to get a commission from bkash apps

Download bKash apps

Click on the link below to download the apps Then you can download the bKash apps for free and create an account step by step. If you download the bKash app from the link below, you will get a 20 taka commission

Advantages of getting commission from bKash apps

But to get 20 taka commission, you have to install bKash apps in your account first. If you have used bKash apps in your account before then you will not get a commission

If you create an account by installing the bKash app for the first time, you will get 50 taka commission immediately But for this, you need to install bash apps from the link given above Otherwise you will not get any commission If you install bash apps from the link above then by going to this link he will get the same bonus.

Develop apps

 The most popular money transfer system today is bKash When development first started, it worked with USSD code The USSD code is such that you can enjoy the benefits of development by dialing * 247 # It is a little difficult to manage development with USSD code, which is why development apps are needed Nowadays development apps have become very popular due to its benefits

Advantages of downloading development apps

Transactions through bKash apps are much easier and the chances of making a mistake are very low If you want to complete the development transaction from your mobile code option, your transaction may be completed due to the slightest mistake. However, if you use bKash apps, the probability of this error is only 1%

Bikash charges Rs 10 per thousand when sending money However, if you send money with bKash apps, then you can send money with the bKash app for free.

There are also some more popular features that you can find out when you use bKash apps There is a referral link in bKash apps. If someone installs bash from this link, he will get some money and you will get money. However, the conditions apply

If you want to recharge your mobile with a USSD code, you need to complete your mobile recharge in five steps. However, if you use finances in development, you can easily complete the transaction without any mistakes.

Other information of development apps

 You will need 24 MB of the internet to download bKash apps The size of bKash apps is only 24 MB Currently, bKash apps have more than one crore active installers And new development accounts are constantly being created If you search for bKash apps in the Google Play Store, you will see that it has a 4.2 rating which indicates the first level apps in the Google Play Store. This app has multiple beautiful reviews

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