Bad news for Facebook Messenger and Instagram users, you won’t get this feature anytime soon

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Facebook (currently Meta) is failing to deliver on its promises. A few days ago, this global social media platform announced that very soon (specifically by 2022) they are going to bring the benefits of end-to-end encryption for Instagram and Facebook Messenger users. But a recent report in The Guardian dismissed the agency’s claim. According to the report, the inclusion of end-to-end encryption features in Instagram and Facebook Messenger is not possible before 2023.

In fact, last year Meta Group, a combination of Instagram and Facebook Messenger, set out to create a unique and unique instant messaging platform. It is rumored that future WhatsApp users will also gather under this one service. From that point of view, if the security of end-to-end encryption was added to Instagram and Facebook Messenger at this moment, the foundation of future planning would be much stronger. But reports from People say that’s just what’s happening.

Meniga’s head of security, Antigone Davis, has virtually sealed the Guardian’s statement. Without further ado, he acknowledged that there was a delay in adding end-to-end encryption to the integrated platform by default.

Therefore, the current situation suggests that end-to-end encryption features are less likely to be seen on integrated platforms before 2023. In other words, the Meta group is failing to keep its promise.

On the other hand, according to the widely read The Verge magazine, the online safety bill is going to be effective in the United Kingdom in 2023. The bill seeks the help of popular tech giants to ensure that children and young adults are not harmed by pornographic and inappropriate content. In that case, companies will be required to access encrypted data as needed, which could further delay Facebook’s future plans.

However, not only the UK but also countries like the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, India, and Japan have given local legislators the power to gain access to encrypted data in different ways. This will allow the appropriate authorities to monitor the encrypted messages and files in special circumstances.

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